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Ultimate Panic Button Try For Free

Key Features

Ultimate Panic Button - Mute System Volume

Mute system volume

Mutes system volume if it is not muted already
Ultimate Panic Button - Hide Active Window

Hide active window

Hide (minimize) current active window and shows (activates) previously active one


Ultimate Panic Button Simple Configuration

Simple configuration

Specify preferable key combination (hotkey) to activate panic mode

Modern design

Windows 11 and Windows 10 design based on Windows version with stylish icons, animations and multiple resolution/DPI support
Ultimate Panic Button Modern Design
Ultimate Panic Button Themes


Dark and Light themes with automatic detection


Option to automatically start with Windows
Ultimate Panic Button Autostart
Ultimate Panic Button Multiple Languages

Multiple languages

Multiple language support** with automatic detection


Low system resource consumption
Ultimate Panic Button Efficiency


** - currently supported: English (default and application can be forced to use it), French, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian