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Securely share any files or folders directly from your PC in a peer-to-peer fashion without any limitations but with style

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Key Features

Direct Share - Your Data Under Your Control

Your Data Under Your Control

Unlike other platforms, all files and folders stays on your machine, they are not stored in our Cloud
Direct Share - Highest Security Possible

Highest Security Possible

Shared files or folders can be password protected and they are directly transferred from your machine to another using secured Cloud tunnel
Direct Share - Precise Access Control

Precise Access Control

Each shared file or folder can be configured for how long it will be available and how many times it will be downloaded
Direct Share - No Limits

No Limits

Files or folders are not limited by size and upload\download speeds are limited only by network


Direct Share Access Control

Access Control

File or folder can be protected by access password, can have expiration time or even how many times they can be downloaded. Current download count is always available

Under your control

Remove file or folder from application or close application or turn off you PC and shared item will no longer be accessible. No information regarding shared file or folder is stored in our Cloud
Direct Share Under Your Control
Direct Share Simple Configuration

Simple configuration

Add file or folder that you want to share and they will be accessible via link

Modern design

Windows 11 and Windows 10 design based on Windows version with stylish icons, animations and multiple resolution/DPI support
Direct Share Modern Design
Direct Share Themes


Dark and Light themes with automatic detection


Option to automatically start with Windows
Direct Share Autostart
Direct Share Multiple Languages

Multiple languages

Multiple language support** with automatic detection


Low system resource consumption
Direct Share Efficiency

How it works


** - currently supported: English (default and application can be forced to use it), French, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian

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